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Catalysing global clean air action

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Our Common Air is an independent Commission that brings together powerful voices to catalyse and accelerate global collective action on air pollution.

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The Core Group

Our Co-Chairs

Board Chair
Partnership for Maternal Newborn and Child Health

Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and UNDP Administrator

M S Swaminathan Research Foundation

Former Chief Scientist
World Health Organization

Our Commissioners

Special Adviser
President of the Republic of Brazil

Council on Energy, Environment and Water

Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago (EPIC)

Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health Department, World Health Organization

Special Presidential Envoy for Global Commons
University of Tokyo

Bandung Institute of Technology

Deputy Mayor
Environment and Energy, Greater London Authority

Freetown, Sierra Leone

(All commissioners are part of Our Common Air in their personal capacities.)

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Clean Air: A Call to Action

This Call to Action makes the economic case for clean air, financing the investments needed, setting targets and tracking progress, and sharing solutions.

We hope this report can trigger commitment to deliver clean air for all.

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Public development banks and the wider development finance community should unlock the funding needed to clean the air.

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In this column published in the World Economic Forum, Arunabha Ghosh and Jane Burston highlight how to accelerate collective action for clean air.

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We need a global means of assessing whether national governments are doing enough to protect their citizens from the dangers of air pollution.

Helen Clark

The vision of clean air can become a reality because we possess the knowledge, technology, and resources to make a change. We only need political will.

Soumya Swaminathan

We need a global means of assessing whether national governments are doing enough to protect their citizens from the dangers of air pollution.

Maria Neira

We need collective action to forge cross-sectoral agreements and create partnerships that go beyond the local level.

Olusoji Adeyi

Investing in clean air is investing in climate action — it reduces emissions and improves economic outcomes, for both businesses and people.

Jane Burston

Air pollution has no boundary. That’s why our efforts must be global and focus on creating a bridge between countries to accelerate action on clean air.

Puji Lestari

Clean air is not a luxury; it is a fundamental right and an asset. Achieving clean air is pivotal for human development, yet it is often put on the back burner.

Arunabha Ghosh

We need better ways of connecting governments to the international community so they build the capacity they need to address air pollution.

Christa Hasenkopf

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Clean Air as an Asset: A Call to Action from Our Core Group

Our co-chairs and commissioners write about Our Common Air’s mission and vision to recognise clean air as a global societal asset.